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AKU is the brand of an Italian footwear company that produces boots for mountain, hunting and leisure in contact with nature. The technical quality, function and reliability of each individual model are guaranteed by over 40 years of specific experience in the footwear sector, in full respect of the legendary Italian manufacturing tradition.

The history of AKU begins in a shoemaker's workshop in a district of Montebelluna, the small Venetian town that in over a century has built and spread the myth of Italian sports footwear all over the world.

Galliano Bordin, the founder, was son of shoemakers and since he was a child he acquired experience first in the repair and then in the construction of footwear. Almost in every family of Montebelluna, hides are cut, uppers are sewn, soles are attached. Almost everyone, in one way or another, is part of this production specialization that generates artisan workshops and small businesses destined over time to become the most prestigious brands at an international level in various sports fields, but in particular for mountaineering, the trekking, alpine skiing and cross-country skiing.

After more than 40 years, AKU is nowaday still a family business, managed by the Bordin family, with a staff of young collaborators, with an informal style, passionate about the product and the nature. In the transition from the artisan dimension to the current industrial configuration, AKU has been able to maintain an organization and management balance at the base of which respect for people and the value of relationships are always found. The company structure is now divided into 3 production units owned and managed directly with AKU personnel for a total of around 500 employees.

Montebelluna, Italy. Historical headquarters of the company.
Cluj Napoca, Romania. Plant born in the early 2000s.
Simanovci, Serbia. New plant acquired in 2018.

Since many years, the company is committed to invest on relevant projects with the aim to reduce the environmental impact of its production process. First in the outdoor footwear industry AKU has been able to calculate the environmental impact of the whole life cycle of a shoe, based on the EPD Environmental Product Declaration standards and certified according with ISO norms.
This commitment is what makes AKU currently one of the most advanced footwear brand regarding product research and development for environmental conservation.